Seasonal Musings : Summer

I have a favourite quote that seems timely right now, seeing as the weather here has been full blown summer for the last week or two, warm sunny days and blue skies with the garden bursting with new buds, new life. And the quote seems so very appropriate for some of you who are close to publishing your novel, those who have just published a book, or those of you who are seeing your project edging towards fruition. You’re releasing that precious work into the world because the time is right for you and you can’t hold on to it any longer. It’s time has come to flower and you must release it and allow it to be. The quote is from writer, Anais Nin

”And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

This quote works on so many levels:

An art project of any kind can be likened to starting out as a tight bud, full of invested potential, slowly swelling and being nourished, waiting for the right conditions to open to the world all its petals, complexities and beauty for viewing, reading or performing. And just like a bud in nature, if you hold on too long, or the conditions aren’t conducive, that bud may never open. Think of how sad a rosebud appears when it has been rained on and begins to struggle, now far beyond it’s capabilities to blossom, and the cycle of that plant has to begin all over again.

The quote also works on a personal level. The risk to bloom has to be taken to share your creative work with the world. There’s all that potential inside you, waiting to be expressed, and if through fear of judgement or a myriad of other negatively perceived possibilities, you don’t let this flower bloom, then you hold yourself back both creatively and spiritually. All those petals must unfold, you owe it to yourself and your work.

And then there’s personal change and transformation. The bud has formed through needing to change your life is some major way –or at least, in some manner that is highly significant to you. This need has built up inside you. And the more you hold on to not allowing that change to take place, then the more tension builds up in the bud as the petals keep on multiplying and squeezing, making you more and more uncomfortable. And this is where the quote really comes into its own  – “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom’’. Change is risky. You might get hurt, you might fail at what you’re wanting to do, what your spirit has been calling you to do, and instead, to stay ‘safe’, you don’t allow the change to happen, you stunt the growth you need, you repress your own evolution and that is a serious thing. So there has to be a conscious release and an allowing to go with the changes into the unknown. Just like a newly opened flower, you’re a little vulnerable at first because you haven’t weathered the new environment yet, but as more petals unfold there is a new strength and sense of wonder and a determination to never go back to where you were. So this quote for me is a powerful one, and a great one for summer musings.  And of course, flowers are fertilised and bear fruit, seeds develop, and the cycle begins again – and for projects, personal creativity, and personal development there may be many cycles, but nature can show us the way.

Here’s wishing you a great summer and my best wishes for your flowering projects!

(Gif from after quite a tussle over getting it to work, hence the weird post earlier in the week, but pleased I persisted because I love this peony)






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8 Responses to Seasonal Musings : Summer

  1. galenpearl says:

    I used that quote at the beginning of the book I published in 2012! It was so true in my own life and states a common experience for so many of us. Happy spring/summer to you!

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  2. theusedlife says:

    I enjoyed this very much, and I love that quote!

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