Random Harvest 7: Colds, Crochet and Cars

(A rather cryptic sounding post coming up, but you can blame my cold!)

The last two weeks have been comprised of my having been deprived of the company of my beloved red car after it needed some reconstructive surgery doing on it after a bump, then I caught a nasty cold when my hubby’s virus decided to grace me with it presence, and hence reduced to a zombie-lie state with social commitments cancelled, deciding to at least urge on my crocheted wall hanging number 2 to get within sight of its finishing line. I did get some writing done, and I’m almost at the stage of at last writing the climactic scene with a little help from my muse giving me some useful stage directions from the wings – you know, some great plotting solutions that you think, YES! Perfect! Cheers! and wonder how you ever had the cheek to think that creatives harping on about muses were exaggerating at best or deluded at worst ;>)

So a seasonal random harvest time for me and for many of us when we’re catching other people’s colds or queuing up for the flu jab, while the darkness descends all too soon in the day to reset our diurnal rhythms for the coming winter. There’s a wind-tossed apple tree in my back garden that has dumped more apples in a series of ‘drops’ onto the lawn than ever before in the history of me and my hubby living here, while the Christmas decorations are invading the shops to drawn us all on into the festive season. But the sickly feeling I have with my cold and the numbing and oppressive lack of taste and smell (my biggest bugbear when I get a cold) make juxtaposing apples with Christmas decorations even more conceptually queasy. Of course I have googled the differences between colds, flu, and pneumonia, but luckily I’ve not yet convinced myself of having the latter two – but to call a cold a common cold is doing it a gross injustice.

Nevertheless, when I was fishing around for a picture of a virus for this post, the artist me just couldn’t pick an ugly bug, so a pretty immunity picture it had to be instead, and just like the crochet, full of colour. And the huge grey patch of concrete where my car usually sits has now been filled by bright red once again. Stranded as I was, here in this rural location, day after day, I was soon seriously challenged by my lack of freedom, which I knew was important to me, but the depths of which I didn’t fully appreciate until it was withdrawn for two weeks through ‘that’s life’ circumstances, and I honestly had to dig deep to endure. Mindfulness, yes. Patience, oh yes. Constructive use of time, oh yes – I made up some voile nets for my mum and even went so far as to respect the slippery slithery nature of this delicate fabric, while the pins fell out and while the sewing machine objected to what it was being asked to seam. But we got there, and the days limped by.

But harvested gold nuggets of the last few days to end with are:

1.My reading a debut novel by Catherine North called ‘The Beauty of Broken Things’ published on World Mental Health Day which was on the 10th of October, a beautifully written story addressing mental health issues through charismatic characters and so worth a read.

2.This lovely ‘Autumn Leaves’ jazz piano piece from Andy…

3.The crochet being nearly finito petito as I say when finishing a creative project…

4.And driving my  car home. There are no words for this last one, this song says it all :>)

Reunited, by Peaches and Herb

Just to add, I’m not fishing for ‘get well soons’, more a case of I’m right there with you if you have a cold right now that you are becoming convinced is as bad as the flu. Who said men are worse at being ill than women?  ;>)

Cheers, all!


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19 Responses to Random Harvest 7: Colds, Crochet and Cars

  1. terrepruitt says:

    I hope you are feeling better. I recently caught a cold and while I only felt sick one day in the two weeks I had it – I say I had it two weeks because I sounded congested for two whole weeks. It was annoying! I hope yours is not hanging around that long!

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  2. Libby Sommer says:

    wow! amazing crochet work. you are so talented and creative. hope you get well soon. here on the other side of the world in Australia we are in spring, warming up for summer. i’m a great believer in having the flu vaccine prior to each winter. take care.

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  3. galenpearl says:

    Sorry about your cold, but happy to catch up on your news. Two great music offerings — Andy is so talented! I love to listen to him play. Hope you are back to your perky self soon. (I think you are already back to your sassy self!)

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  4. Dear Lynne, you have all my sympathies… I think colds are awful, and make you feel just as ill as any other complaint… coddle yourself, as a doctor used to say to me when it was actually impossible to do so!!!
    Love your crochet…. and autumn leaves … it’s a dreadful feeling when the car is no longer waiting around, and having that feeling of being trapped, locked in, unable to choose whether to go out or not… the loss of freedom … before DR Beeching, and all the other economy cuts, it was actually possible to live without a car, but no longer… Bill Bryson’s book about traveling all around England years after his first time, shocked me into the realisation that life without a car is a very difficult proposition these days in England, with public transport dwindling…
    Hope by now, you are feeling better and bug free … Love Valerie

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Yes, Valerie, I am actually feeling quite sorry for myself now – absolutely shattered and feeling sickly too, so not over it yet. Still wondering if it’s flu… Regarding car transport – I know it is a luxury to have one – though, yes, public transport is indeed dwindling and actually becoming expensive too – but I passed my test dwon south before coming here to the Borders, because I knew from some past experiences how restrictive it can be living in a rural ‘idyll’ with no way of out to ‘civilisation’, how isolating it can be. Thank you for understanding, your descriptions say it all! Cheers, Valerie!

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  5. A.P. says:

    Thanks for the plug, Lynne. Also, I just want to say that I love that “Reunited” song. Kept listening to it over and over again as I drove from California to Indiana in the Summer of 79. and then everybody was singing it when I got to MIchigan City. I like the whole idea of it, as well as its groove…

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Hi Andy, the song just came into my mind to suit the occasion, but it is such a powerful, yet subtly understated song that I’m sure most people will remember – if it isn’t ingrained on their pysches! What an amazing drive that must have been! It’s funny this need to replay a song over and over, that we all have, isn’t it?

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      • A.P. says:

        Yes, that is interesting. As a singer-songwriter, I feel very gratified whem someone wants to listen to a song of mine repeatedly. As a music appreciator, I find that when I start wanting to play a song again and again, the song becomes elevated almost to the position of a spiritual sacrament. It’s something I will indulge again and again, with a sense of there being something sacred about it, something providing a lift to my day, or symbolizing the tone and mood of a season. The same goes for other forms of music — symphonies, for example. Lately it’s been Vaughan Williams 5th. I don’t know what it means, but it means *something* — otherwise I wouldn’t be drawn back to it so religiously.

        As for “Reunited,” I always think: “How many break up songs are there?” Loads of them. (I like the one called “Tell Me on a Sunday” myself.) But how many “reunited” songs are there? One that I know of. It’s a very unique song, and the concept is underdone. And well of course, reunion is on my own mind right now. I suppose that’s personal, but it also attributes to the draw.

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      • lynnefisher says:

        You’ve nicely explored this compulsion to play the same song over and over, Andy. It reaches a pitch of resonance with where one is, right now, that one doesn’t want to end. A kind of spiritual ecstasy zone of perfection. I just had a listen to ‘Tell me on a Sunday’ – wow, very powerful indeed, and could easily move one to tears! Let’s go with Reunited instead.

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  6. I love the crochet – the colours are so vibrant and the flowers are beautiful. I hope the writing is progressing well and will look forward to hearing more about it. And thanks so much for the mention of my book!

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  7. That was a good bit of writing Lynne, I enjoyed it, Glad you have your car back and sorry you have a cold but it strange what inspires us. Loved the Andy Pope piece, His hands were fascinating to watch and where did you find the peaches and herb clip. I’d never heard of them. Get better soon and don’t spread it around! I never had time last week to finish your previous blog but I will, it some some great content.

    Liked by 3 people

    • lynnefisher says:

      Thanks, Sylvia…yes, it’s odd what a somewhat altered state of mind through illness of some kind can produce. I love watching Andy play the piano too, was really blown away the first time I watched him. Peaches and Herb just came up on Youtube when I entered ‘reunited’ – I never knew who sang it either, nice to find out! Both hubby and I are simply shattered with this cold, but we are keeping it to ourselves. Have a good week!


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