Works In Progress 1

I thought I would do an ongoing series of posts on works in progress, along with the random harvest series. So much of what we do day to day, whether with our creativity or otherwise, can be classed as works in progress. It could be a learning curve of any kind, a developing relationship, trying out new activities, home projects, even our whole life can be classed as one in the sense that we are always learning, always developing.

Here is a lovely quote I found on this last aspect from Charlie Scaturro:

The second we feel like we are no longer a work in progress is the second we stop making progress.

And the most progress is often made when we are amongst our hopes and dreams and side projects and things that inspire us and things we want to change for the better. It is amongst these things where life exists in its purest form. And it is amongst these things where we usually realize we are a work in progress and we will always be a work in progress.

As unsettling as this idea might be, it is surely one of life’s most important challenges to understand that everything about who we are is not finite and will continue to evolve and grow as time continues to pass.

So what are my current works in progress?

1. I’m cracking on with my memoir/guide. It’s odd, because when I was writing a section of it the other day and I found myself feeling uncomfortable talking so much about myself, namely about my past which I rarely dwell on these days (but which is nevertheless relevant to the ‘story’ and vital to the personal development thrust of the whole), I had to give myself a shake, and say to myself:

‘Of course you’re having to talk about your past! What did you expect with a memoir? Just get on with it and do the evaluating later.

So I think I’m over that wobble for now!  But it is a very different writing experience and I’m thankful I’ve read some excellent memoirs over the last few years and have written a few life writing pieces before, as the tone and language can be so much more personal. I’ve just got to remind myself not to do smiles or winks like this ;>)  Apart from these aspects, the dramatic shaping, world building, literary language and dialogues, can be very similar to fiction writing. However it does feel a more free form of writing which is refreshing after novel writing.

2. Speaking of which, I’m currently fishing to see if I can get a literary agent for ‘After Black’. Although I believe it to be a very mainstream appeal story for women, my expectations are low, which I feel is the best way to approach it. But the submitting was far easier than when I tackled it before. The covering letter, the synopsis (these days, 1 page only seems to be standard), and the manuscript’s first three chapters. There has been far less emotional investment this time around from me, so I’ve been on a learning curve for this too. And we shall see!

3. Long lost family. I mentioned a couple of months ago that I’d written to an estranged cousin, where the only address I had for him was from 2003. Well, I was in luck. He was still at the same address, and we’ve been emailing back and forth getting up to date and discussing and clarifying some of the family issues and memories from the past, which has been a cathartic process. I was able to send some wonderful old photographs I’d scanned from my aunt’s collection which my sister and I discovered during my aunt’s house clearance following her death. These were pictures the cousin and I had never seen before, so being able to do this felt special. Up-to-date family pictures were exchanged too , as we went from the past into the present. So in terms of work in progress, there has been constructive progress with this and I’m happy with where it’s at just now. I’m the more chatty one, but that’s inevitable ;>)

4. I’m working on a painting at the moment, where the foreground textures have to be build up using three tones of greens. There is a light golden-green in the foreground at the moment, in a flat dense coverage, with the medium and dark greens to be built on top. I’ve been using some embossed wallpaper sections coated in paint as a way of creating texture which you can see at work in the pink field. Don’t ask me why the field is pink, it was a result from a digital filter play around which I liked, so I’m sticking with it. Suggestions of what the pink stuff growing in the field might possibly be are welcome :>) Tall seed heads are to be painted into the foreground on top of the textured greens and grass patterns. Then some detailed finishing will imbue the patterned textures with more realism – hopefully! This painting is being worked from the sky downwards, which is a fairly traditional approach that I don’t always follow.


5. My latest interior design fiddle has been with a small pine chest of drawers. Sick of the sight of the vivid, orangy pine, stain colour, but appreciating the dimensions as fitting in perfectly where the drawers are currently located  in one of the bedrooms – I decided to sand it back to a lighter patina and to change the knobs. I founds a wonderful selection of ceramic drawer knobs online (shabby chic style, apparently) and duly ordered them. Results below:

with close up of gorgeous ceramic handle:

6. Next up is that a friend of mine has been inspired by my ‘double crochet stitch’ projects to learn to crochet herself. Fine. But now she has jumped head-first  into teaching herself how to do afghan/granny squares from some YouTube videos. Now these have always felt beyond me, and so naturally I can’t possibly let it rest there. I am now  learning to do the same, and will let you know how I get on. Certainly no pictures for these yet!

7. And finally my work in progress with a special person as part of my volunteering activities will soon be formally coming to an end. There will then be a transition to being simply good friends, without the necessary volunteering boundaries which normally have to be in place. The fact that this person has dementia doesn’t really seem to hinder the relationship at all, because the bond we quickly formed is firmly in place, together with the way of being that goes with that  – and both of these functions operate very naturally. To me, this has been somewhat of a heartening and joyful revelation.

PS.  I’m having a change from pebbles to sand for a while on my blog’s background, as I was itching to make a change of some kind. And rather than feeling compelled to convert to another wordpress theme altogether, and the dicy road that may entail!, I played very safe. So gently does it. But I will be having fun with backgrounds for a while!

Wishing you much enjoyment and learning from your current works in progress, whatever they may happen to be.

(top pic, pixabay)








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14 Responses to Works In Progress 1

  1. Best of luck with all your projects, Lynne. I can’t wait to read your novel and memoir.

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Thank you, Catherine – it will be a while. This writing lark takes so long to see things through to fruition – maybe I will do a post on that topic ;>) Good luck with your current works in progress, whatever they may be.


  2. Wow—We are kindred spirits! It’s funny how like meets like on the Internet. I love that you are interested in so many diverse projects. And you seem to keep focused better than I:) Your WIP painting is gorgeous. I don’t know what the pink is for sure, but it sure is lovely. The textures are nice, too. Good luck with the agent hunt. I’m still working on my memoir piece. I understand your hesitance with writing it. I’m glad you’re back at it. Have a great week!

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Oh Cheryl, I have met some lovely kindred spirits, like you, through being on social media. I never knew it was going to work out like this. A friend of mine who does beaded trees has had a wonderful experience meeting like-minded caring, generous natured crafting people, so it’s such a bonus, especially when one spends a good deal of time at home. I also love it when paths cross here and there, when I’m following someone and see someone there in the comments who I know. I think you know Pauline, the contented crafter, so I see you there too. Thanks for the feedback on the painting! And finally there now seem to be three of us, me, you, and Galen, who are tackling a memoir and finding out the pitfalls and reasons for hesitancy, so maybe we can encourage each other along the way. Oh, and I mustn’t forget Andy too. Have a great week, yourself!

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  3. galenpearl says:

    Wow, I am such a slug compared to you! Really, you always seem so calm, but you are so productive. Amazing. I do love that texture in the pink field. Makes we want to go walking in that field. Exquisite.

    I understand what you mean about the memoir past issues. A friend shared a quote with me — I don’t know where it’s from. “Think about what you absolutely do not want to write about…and write about that.” Hmmmm…

    Guess that’s why the memoir I fooled around with for the last year and a half is back on the shelf. Where I suspect it will stay. You are brave. For one thing, I keep changing my view about the past. So as soon as I would write about it, I would see it in a different way. What I wrote was no longer valid to me. And then I also decided I didn’t want to spend so much time in the past, which was painful in many ways. Writing about it kept taking me out of the present, which at the time was pretty sunny, but has become more challenging recently. Maybe a trip down memory lane wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    I really do love that painting — I keep going back to look at it. Hope you will post the finished masterpiece.

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Hi Galen, well you seem to me to be always busy and calm at the same time ;>) Glad you like the pink field so much! and yes, I’ll post the final outcome.

      Your quote about memoir writing is so right! Hmmm, indeed. I’ ve read that if you are going to do it at all, you simply have to share what is uncomfortable, because it is part of you and why you are writing the memoir in the first place. Think it’s going to be the tough part of the journey, but what we must embrace and work through nevertheless if we’re going to do it well. When I was dithering in a post after the new year (which seeds to scatter) on whether to write the memoir/guide on midlife crisis at all, a few encouraging comments were just to get on and write it and then evaluate from there. It helps if it’s a kind of guide at the same time, because then you are hopefully going to help others, sharing what you have learned and what helped. So with your experience, which I can totally understand, maybe its the finishing of it that helps us decide whether we are ‘brave’ enough to publish it. I’m in the middle of my second chapter entitled, as irony would have it ‘A trip down memory lane’. The first was easy, because it was about meditation classes in the more recent past and I could inject some humour. But the memory lane, which I have to go down, was what made me stop in my tracks and think ‘I don’t want to go back here – do I have to?’ It’s not that awful as such, and I too began to see it in a different way, actually a positive way, which took me by surprise. But seeing it in shifting ways is fine, because you can comment on that – nothing wrong with that at all, I don’t think. Anyway, I’ll persevere to get to some more comfortable sections! Your ’10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There)’ was brilliant, I loved it. And you shared much of your own life in that to demonstrate the life truths you discovered. I must stop here, going on about this far too much, Galen, but wishing you well and maybe we can touch base on this again. Cheers!


      • galenpearl says:

        Thanks for the kind words about 10 Steps, Lynne. I think it’s easier to share truth, even painful truth, from the present or more recent times than all that childhood stuff! Ha! And of course a memoir is not required to go back that far, but it did seem to me, as I was writing over the last year, that whatever I was writing about was rooted in a shadowy past that I still “whistle past” like a graveyard.

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      • lynnefisher says:

        I’ve been thinking about this just now. I think the most painful parts of one’s life, whether its the far distant past or the more recent past, are equally difficult. And when I came up to my first phase of more distant past, I really wanted to whistle my way through that! The same will happen when I get to the more recent phase of difficulties. Hopefully the rest of it will be enjoyable and somehow the weaving in of the whole will be worth it!


  4. Heaven’s you have been busy! What an eclectic bunch of doings you have going on 🙂 I’m loving that painting. I used to use wallpaper for texture in my very early works and quite liked it – now you’ve made me want to pull that old roll out and play some more. As I loathe orange hued pinewood I totally love what you have done with your chest and those little handles are gorgeous. I do love the way the www provides us with options the local hardware may not. I’m so very impressed with your relationship with your new friend – what a gift that must be, for both of you. And I wish you all the best of best wishes with your foray into getting your book published – I understand it can be a tough process and while it wise to keep your expectations low, it is also a good thing to keep that clear visualisation going alongside. What a juggling act 🙂 My current wip is an enormously complex crochet blanket that is so demanding in terms of colour combinations and pattern reading that I am making two of them at the same time………

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Yes, Pauline, I think I enjoy eclectic! Sometimes the wallpaper texture helps me circumnavigate the detail I’m prone to, but there again, I still go in and tweak. I’d love to see what you get up to with your wallpaper. As for the handles on the drawers, I had to hold myself back from putting in a link to the site, and yes, I love internet shopping for what I can’t get locally. A cabinet is soon going to go through an upcycling process, stripping it and painting it, with new handles to choose :>) And yes, I have my visualisation in place for the book, but I also am heartened by the fact that we writers don’t have to be constrained by only the traditional route now, saying yes or no – we can go our own way with self publishing, life is too short and all that. And in that vein, me and hubby will be getting on with designing a cover for it – feels the right thing to do and is kind of fun when we don’t get too bickery about it ;>) As for your crochet project, I hope to see how that’s going on your blog, and I totally get why you are doing two of them at the same time. Cheers for now!

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  5. Your painting is beautiful.

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