This is where I will share my on going ideas for writing projects, or post snippets…

But I’d like to share a littel ditty with you derived from a pivotal moment in my life when realising the science course I was on wasn’t for me and the arts were beckoning. This was in the early 80s (I was around 19), when the divisions between art and science seemed very much opposing forces. Maybe they still are?

Art, and writing (later on down the line), had always being  unrecognised loves of mine, just hobbies, not worth anything. And certainly not worth pursuing for a career was the cultural message I picked up at the time. There were many more turning points and years to come before fully deciding what I wanted, or in fact needed, to do. But this was certainly the first occasion that made its mark, which I wrote a poem about many years later.

I had to tell the ‘powers that be’ I was leaving the science degree course and needless to say I was very upset at my realisations, the dramatic nature of walking out of a course, not knowing what the future would hold. The poem is an expanded interpretation of how it felt, with the authority figure doing the talking. I wonder how many arts people out there have felt something similar?


You’re throwing away your future you know,
Have you any idea what you’re doing?
Coming in here, complaining, whining,
Oh for God’s sake don’t start the tears!
You’ve been given this opportunity,
And you’re flushing it down the drain,
The least you could do is sit the exam,
Then you can see how you stand –
Do show some common sense dear girl!

Well yes, there’s a lot of facts to learn,
That’s science for you at this level,
You’re just getting frightened –
No! Not enlightened. What ?
You’re considering the arts?!
Now look, sit down, take it easy,
You must be the sensitive type –
Using your feelings to decide a career?
We just can’t have you thinking like that.

Many years later, I finally got a degree in the humanities  – studying art history and literature, and I can easily say, it was the best thing I ever did, and opened me up to new possibilities like creative writing, which I would now never want to be without.

And in that vein I have one novel, On Turtle Beach, published now, and have completed my first draft of my second novel, After Black.

Current ideas include another novel entitled No Magic Pill, a memoir about friendship, a personal development book on midlife transitions, a book of short stories, and I’m currently working on a collaborative life writing project with a writer friend – so plenty to get stuck into!

To finish

Here is a link to a short story I wrote that I hold dear, if you fancy a read.

The Psychologist