A little about Lynne…

I’m a writer and visual artist living in Scotland in a country cottage with my husband and our little grey cat called Sasha. After quite a few years of mid-life ebb and flow, I’ve written two women’s literary fiction novels to date, my debut one being, On Turtle Beach, followed more recently by After Black. Both of these are available from Amazon. I’m currently working on my third novel, a memoir and a collection of short stories. INFJ is my Jungian type.

I owe the Open University much for this new direction in my life, having done a humanities honours degree with them in art history and literature which spurred me on to do a diploma in creative writing, where their great teaching helped me learn the craft.


I was born in Durham in the North of England in 1962, and lived in the Cotswolds before settling here in the Scottish Borders. It’s a great place to live, rolling countryside, gentle people and great for driving which I enjoy. A fresh start was in order, so I rekindled a love of drawing and painting from childhood days, and took local courses before becoming a freelance painter/illustrator focusing mostly upon nature…botanical, flower painting…wildlife. .. landscape.  People don’t feature much in my painting so it’s perfect for me to address human nature in my writing.

During this time I got a degree under my belt, and I tutored my own classes in watercolour painting for about ten years. I have plenty of written up guidelines to share if anyone out there is interested. But ten years was enough, and I cut down a lot on greeting card production and prints as I needed a new direction again which a creative writing course gave me. Having no children has probably contributed to my rather restless searching for more meaning. So now I’m a writer and a painter.

Other interests which I’ve pursued are a counselling skills course and I do some voluntary work where I put this to use. I am fascinated by human psychology, again from earlier days, and would have loved to become a qualified counsellor, but alas it’s an expensive business and time is getting a bit shorter these days for too many new enterprises. Pity we can’t go back and make different choices with the benefit of hindsight, isn’t it?

Back in the day I was a sales assistant in soft furnishing, a receptionist for a visitor centre, a lab assistant, a photographic assistant. I’ve always been trying to find my niche you might say. Being an artist, any kind of artist (and writers are artists in my view), isn’t easy, as many of us know all too well, but it’s a niche I’ve finally learned to relish and embrace for the sheer ‘doing’ of it.


I began this blog in March 2016 and I’ve called it Head to Head, Heart to Heart because it kind of encapsulates what I get out of creative writing, and what is probably amongst the many motivations for many writers. That conveying of ideas and observations that come from the mind which is forever busy, but also the feelings about life, relationships and what it means to be human.

I chose the tagline of On Writing, Art, And The Creative Life: The Ebb And The Flow to describe the creative energy highs when the waves are rolling in, ideas, expression and feeling splashing madly in all directions against the rocks, ideas bouncing off each other, but also the inevitable stagnant low energy periods when for whatever reason the tide has gone out, leaving us feeling lacking. But as I have learnt myself in midlife,  just living is like this too, and we need to embrace it all, go with the flow as the Taoists say – to get the most out of the highs we have to learn from the lows, be comfortable with them to provide a kind of grounding.  And success or failure (whatever these are deemed to be), we have to go on with out creative life, because it is simply who we are and what we do.

Blogging topics will include all kinds of things about writing, art and the creative life, matters of the head and matters of the heart, not so much tips on writing which are covered very well elsewhere (though some may creep in later on) – but more about the creative process.  Other subject ‘categories’ will include nature, psychology and philosophy, to share my interests with you, and of course I very much welcome comments.

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This blog is for polite lively discussion, sharing thoughts, opinions and concerns, light things and not so light things. It is not for abusive, short-sighted comments or forms of free advertising. Therefore I ask you don’t put links in your comments unless they are relevant to the discussion. To keep the blog the way I intend, I will remove link advertisements, and moderate comments from the start. The main focus will be on keeping it genuine and friendly.


19 Responses to About

  1. I find so many Arts people are lost in this age of Technology…no one knows quite what to do with us and we tend to look all flighty and unfocussed — when what we are is frequently forced into unsuitable occupations or ones that only lightly massage our Muses but never pay the bills. We are not distracted, just tremendously professionally frustrated folk!

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  2. Lynne, I loved reading this in depth ‘About’ – so typical of your thoughtful original approach, which is one of the delicious things about your blog… How I envy you your wonderful sounding degree – not so much for the actual degree, but for the topics you studied and explored – it sounds wonderful.

    .Just reading this account of you and your life has opened another door of thought for me… I’d never heard of the INJF thingie and immediately Googled, and read the 22 signs that you’re an infj… and laughed and read so many of them aloud to my love, who recognised each one… particularly enjoyed the para about wanting refined foods.. which has always been one of my things; and requires sending off to a tea shop for big bags of lapsang souchong tea now the supermarkets don’t sell it any more here – and buying delicious Danish butter, which always infuriates my NZ son- in- law who thinks I should be eating NZ butter…(My grandchildren love it and call it Grannie’s butter, and demand it too, to his further annoyance!)

    Now that I know you are a painter as well as a writer, thinker, philosopher, I appreciate the beautiful painting of your cat ( I assume it is yours?) even more… and don’t get me started on cats and dogs !!!!

    And how interesting that you too are a counsellor… I have been too, for the last 25 years, and only gave it up a couple of years ago, when I began my new life. And I see that this is an INJF thing too… as for the mysticism… that’s been an integral part of my life since my thirties, and it’s one of the energies that I love in your blog…

    It’s fascinating that out of the eighty million or so bloggers, birds of a feather still manage to find each other… (which is what happened with my new love too…) I love it that we have connected.
    This has evolved from a comment into a conversation – do hope it isn’t too boring or egotistical !!!!

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    • lynnefisher says:

      Thank you Valerie – I can’t claim to be a qualified counsellor, I didn’t get as far as doing a diploma, just an counselling skills course – it was going to be too expensive to do more training, but I do use what I’ve learned with my volunteering, with myself, and its great to use the psychology in my writing., it also led to my doing so much reading in line with self development. All these things you’ve pointed out are where I’m most comfortable now, and I’m so thankful for that. Not bringing worldly success as such, which I’ve had to adjust my mindset to, but certainly lots of personal fulfillement. Yes, Ziggy the cat was with us for a good eight years, though he left us far too soon. We have a little grey cat called Sasha now, another rescue cat. She keeps us on our toes and has settled in well, she’s around 9 now, and we’ve had her for a year and a half.

      Talking of varied lives – when I read your blog and through getting to know you a little, I can’t believe what a varied life you have had and continue to live, so much travelling and adjusting to new environments! Also the thinking, studying, counselling and great writing too. Have you done the type test? Its free to take online – its big in the USA but not many people in the UK seem to be bothered about it. When I found out a couple of years ago, my life made perfect sense in the light of it. And for my husband too who is an INTJ. Everything fitted regarding our relationship. And me and my sisters relationship too, when she did the test. I must admit I’ve been a little too zealous over trying to get people I know to do the test, but the similar types do it – that alone speaks volumes. I’ve connected online with a few others through this too (including a lady who has written a book for INFJ writers), it’s really wonderful finding, as you say, birds of a feather (like yourself) and for some reason there’s the feeling of great trust, despite the geographical distances – where were they when I was at school? But never mind, it’s lovely now.

      You are the least egotistical person I know, and the least boring for that matter, no worries about that. Thank you for your support…and you certainly have mine!

      Cheers for now 🙂


    • lynnefisher says:

      Just another quickie – do you mean you did the test and found you were an INFJ?


  3. therulebook says:

    I really do love reading through your blog, it’s so inspiring and interesting

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  4. Aphrolina says:

    Really enjoying your blog Lynne. Definitely going to read more of your posts, I feel like I can learn a whole lot.


    • lynnefisher says:

      Thanks, Aphrolina, coming from you that’s a real compliment. I think it’s the INFJ thing, constantly searching for insights etc, but I only realised this recently when I found out I was an INFJ. Then it all made sense!

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  5. Lynne, I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER Award! Karen 🙂


  6. Lovely blog! Thank you for your interest in my blog and I look forward to following yours!


  7. Sara Aurorae says:

    Thank you for giving us bloggers an opportunity to read your writing and the artistic and almost peaceful qualities of your work that is clearly expressed. Sometimes, we fail to recognize just how lucky we are being enabled with the right tools to pursue a life of creativity and my heart breaks when I see that opportunity taken away by violence, prejudice and war. It is important for people like us to inspire change by being the change, keeping art and creativity afloat and inspiring the next generation to pursue it. Thank you and I look forward to reading your posts.


    • lynnefisher says:

      Thank you Sara. We are often in a fortunate position to pursue our creative endeavours, but the need is there nonetheless. If, by sharing, we can help others recognise the need in themselves, then that is a great thing for us all.


  8. joanzumwalt says:

    An inspiring life story, paralleling mine in some ways, though I have daughters your age. I am also still seeking, still learning.


    • lynnefisher says:

      Thanks, Joan, I don’t know about inspiring, feels more like necessity 😉 I’ve just sneaked a peek at your blog and see what you mean about parallels, and also in the topics you address in your blog too. It’s very heartening to see someone else approaching a variety of topics. I’ll be stopping by. I also enjoy memoir writing!


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