This is where I will let you know about my books as they encounter the various stages.

Currently, I have completed a women’s fiction novel entitled, ON TURTLE BEACH, an ideal holiday novel being what I hope is one of its attractions. It was tough going to finish it, as I knew what was going to have to happen afterwards – trying to get it ‘out there’. I expect the first novel is a massive learning curve for many, and in such a range of conflicting ways, with many things helping and just as many things not helping. I’m looking forward to discussing these aspects in my blog.

For the beach novel, I’m exploring traditional publishing versus independent publishing, which is a much more time consuming business than I envisaged but, as the Taoists advocate, I’m endeavouring to go with the flow.

And indeed, keeping afloat in the midst of it all, too!

swimming at sea
















I am also working on two other novels in the early stages on quite different themes, though still focused on human nature and the evolving self – it’s important to keep on writing and developing.

I can’t talk about writing without mentioning reading. Writers I enjoy are quite varied, and I read more now than ever before. And somehow, like some kind of unconscious osmosis, it all feeds back into the practice of writing.

Favourite writers include:

  • Stephen King for suspense, characterisation, blend of realism with fantasy and the supernatural and his obvious love of writing
  • Margaret Atwood for her female characters and unique writing voice
  • Ian McEwan for psychological intensity
  • Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal is a true favourite for its structure, and tone of the first person narrator