This is where I will let you know about my books as they encounter the various stages.

I have completed a women’s fiction novel entitled, ON TURTLE BEACH, an ideal holiday novel being what I hope is one of its attractions. You can find it here, if you’re in the UK, or here if you’re in the US

And here is a link to a comprehensive review of it on Goodreads

To give you a flavour:

Struggling artist, Lucy, and her successful sister, Rhea, go on holiday together to Dalyan in Turkey to try to heal their relationship, and so fulfil their father’s dying wish. But they soon realise that Lucy’s passionate nature and Rhea’s restraint means it’s difficult to find common ground. Lucy wants to bond, but Rhea would rather read her novel. When Lucy tries to get Rhea to talk about their childhood and why their relationship suddenly deteriorated, Rhea refuses to discuss it and Lucy becomes suspicious she is hiding something. Tensions soon escalate, and against the backdrop of the turtle beach, Lucy is forced to come up with a plan to get her sister to open up. Can Lucy discover what family secrets her sister is hiding, the revealing of which threatens to destroy them both?

Here is a slideshow I recently put together on Dalyan, if you are interested in the location

It was tough going to finish the novel, as I knew what was going to have to happen afterwards – trying to get it ‘out there’. I expect the first novel is a massive learning curve for many of us, and in such a range of conflicting ways, with many things helping and just as many things not helping. I’ve already discussed quite a few of these aspects in this blog and will keep you posted. In the meantime I’m very happy with the present outcome.

So after going with the flow, as the Taoists advocate, and managing to keep afloat…

swimming at sea

I finally got there…

And I’m grateful for an author interview with pretty hot books which you can read here if you are interested…

So what now?

On New Years Day I finished my second novel, After Black, a women’s fiction story, set in the retail world of the 90s, so will be getting it ready to ‘take it to market’ this year. I can now pick up my third novel, Mo Magic Pill, concerning midlife changes, to continue where I left off with the first three chapters having been written some time ago now. My themes are always focused on human nature and the evolving self – and for we writers, it’s so important to keep on writing and developing. And in this vein I might just tackle a memoir!

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I can’t talk about writing without mentioning reading.

Writers I enjoy are quite varied, and I read more now than ever before. And somehow, like some kind of unconscious osmosis, it all feeds back into the practice of writing.

Favourite writers include:

  • Stephen King for suspense, characterisation, blend of realism with fantasy and the supernatural and his obvious love of writing
  • Margaret Atwood for her female characters and unique writing voice
  • Ian McEwan for psychological intensity
  • Zoe Heller’s Notes on a Scandal is a true favourite for its structure, and tone of the first person narrator